What we do

The “Everyone’s a Teacher" Platform

Discover your passion, teach your knowledge and skills to others wanting to learn and/or offer mini-consulting sessions. Build your own local tribe within your community.

Everyone’s a Teacher (www.eacher.net) is a teacher development platform to develop the teacher in everyone of us. Besides tools and courses, we meet online and in local, face-to-face groups to practice the art of teaching. 

To get started, get a copy of the Canvas or register for our course “Design Your Own Course" (available in November and includes the Canvas)! If you’ve already taken the course or a local workshop, you can join one of our Communities of practice.


The Eacher Marketplace

Eacher (www.eacher.com) will soon be launching its marketplace in local communities, where individuals with an area of expertise and passion teach courses face-to-face and online. New and experienced teachers will use the marketplace to announce their courses. Learners will have one place to find the courses currently open for enrollment in their community. Join us and co-create a new learning culture in your community!

If you’ve created a course and are teaching or want to start teaching it, contact us to place your course onto the Eacher marketplace!